Calls for Expression of Interest

JEREMIE financial support to SMEs is channelled through financial intermediaries, selected by the EIF following a robust selection process. In order to select the financial intermediaries, the EIF launches an open application process, the so-called ’Call for Expression of Interest’. Financial intermediaries then apply, in response to this Call for Expression of Interest, and the EIF carries out an analysis of potential applicants before selecting suitable financial intermediaries who will in turn provide finance to SMEs.

For risk capital instruments, the intermediaries would be fund managers, while for guarantees they would be financial institutions such as commercial banks. Following the selection of the financial intermediaries and signing of agreements with these, SMEs will start to be able to benefit from JEREMIE.

OPEN CALLS FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: currently there are no open calls.


Call for Expression of Interest for Portfolio Risk-Sharing Loan - CALL CLOSED ON 30 JUNE 2013

Call for Expression of Interest for First Loss Portfolio Guarantee - CALL CLOSED ON 28 OCTOBER 2011 

Call for Expression of Interest for Risk Capital Instruments - CALL CLOSED ON 30 MARCH 2012